Nyco Hydraulic- Hydraunycoil FH 51

Nyco Hydraunycoil FH 51

Nyco Hydraunycoil FH 51 is a petroleum-based hydraulic fluid with a viscosity of 14 cSt at 40°C. It contains anti-corrosion and anti-wear additives. Hydraunycoil FH 51 has an extremely wide operating temperature range (from - 54°C to + 135°C in air-tight circuits and - 54°C to + 90°C in open circuits) and a viscosity index exceeding 300. It is microfiltered and is supplied with a controlled level.
Hydraunycoil FH 51 is used in hydraulic systems of military aircraft (jet fighters, transport aircraft, helicopters) or missiles, as well as general purpose hydraulic fluid for ground equipment (tanks, artillery…). It is also recommended as shock strut fluid for many commercial aircraft landing gears (Airbus, ATR, Bombardier, Fokker, Embraer, etc.).