Nyco Turbine – Turbonycoil 321

TurbonycOil 321

Petroleum lubricating oil, aircraft turbine engines. Turbonycoil 321 is based on a petroleum base stock and contains additives to improve the high temperature oxidation stability and prevent wear of gas turbine engines. It has a viscosity of 8 cSt at 50°C. It has been designed for the lubrication of the majority of gas turbines of Russian design. and also be used as an anti-corrosion oil in closed circuit (MS-8RK).

It has been used during 1990's on civil airliners such as Tu-134, Tu-154 and Il-76 with hundreds of thousand flying hours accumulated. Approval by Central Institute of Aircraft engines as an analog to the Russian type MS-8P and OEM Mashproekt approval for usng on industrial & marine gas turbines. It can be available in different quamtity. Our well expert sales team will provide you more technical specification of the product upon your enquiry.