Nyco Turbine – Turbonycoil 98


Product Description

At Aquiline Intl Corp., we stock a complete range of Turbonycoil synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral oil-based turbine and piston engine oils, aviation greases, hydraulic fluids and protective compounds for civil aviation purposes, especially for such aircraft as ILUSHIN, ANTONOV, TUPOLEV and YAKOVLEV.

These products are formulated and approved in compliance with the corresponding military specifications. Many of them have also been validated by the major engine and aircraft manufacturers

NYCO is certified ISO 9001


  • Synthetic-based turbine oil


  • Mi-8 helicopter engines TV3-117 and main Gear Boxes VR-14
  • Russia: for Russian-made turboshaft engines, approved by GOSNIIGA Moscow as substitute to Russian oil type B-3V. TU-38-101295-85.